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Euraba Artists and Papermakers have adapted the traditions of European papermaking to specialise in handmade paper art and original paper design products. Our high quality 100% cotton rag paper is unique and archival. We use natural fibres from local plants on the land and along the MacIntyre River and cotton fibre offcuts from local clothing industry, including Goodiwindi Cotton. Our process revives our tradition of using natural fibres from local plants and our lost culture of women’s weaving in the area. Our paper is available in a range of earthy colours that are achieved by incorporating natural pigment from local plants and mineral ochres.

We want something good to come out of it. We want our younger generation to come in and be a part of what we are doing, learn their culture and learn who they are.


The production arm of our business helps generate ongoing employment, income and training for our artists and community members. It is fundamental to providing real work opportunities within the community and generating additional income for the organisation to achieve its long term goals. Our range of paper products currently includes stationery sets, artist papers, art cards, paper packs and paper which is suitable for invitation and certificate use. We have increased the quality and our range through our mentoring program with Gillian Corban from product designers and retailers Corban & Blair and are selling online through Temple & Webster.


Euraba’s logo depicts our Reina Hollander Beater which is based on the traditional beaters made in Holland in the 1600s.

“With little money and a whole lot of faith, the Euraba Paper Company invested in two electronic beaters to replace the back-breaking work of pulping the cotton fabric by hand. Two Hollander Beaters were purchased from a company in Brooklyn, USA. The larger of the two beaters, affectionately known by the women as “Mr Big”, works tirelessly, albeit noisily, in the papermaking shed of the Euraba Paper Company freeing the women to concentrate on the more artistic aspects of creating paper, colour and design.”

Tess Allas, Associate Lecturer, College of Fine Arts, UNSW

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