our story

Euraba Artists and Papermakers is an Aboriginal artists’ collective based in Boggabilla, in the cotton belt of north-western NSW, Australia. It is owned and operated by the Goomeroi people of Toomelah of the region, and has been making paper by hand since 1998. Euraba has a soul and its story is about art, community, resilience, healing and cultural leadership. Many hands make our paper. Euraba paper captures our touch, our thoughts and our culture. Our hand-made paper is unique and is the foundation for our artwork and giftware. It is chosen by many artists for its high quality.

When you make a sheet of paper, it’s not a thing, it’s a feeling! You can’t explain it, it’s an over and over again experience, it’s where the healing comes in.



Euraba exists because of the collective vision of ‘the fabulous nine’ – nine local Elder women – who studied art together at the local TAFE College. Supported by their teacher, friend and mentor Paul West, they combined their passion for art, community and reviving Goomeroi culture to create a vibrant creative centre. The papermill connects the past with the future through soulful craft and art-making, and engages our community in training programs where they develop skills, self-esteem and creative leadership. We’re open to the public for sales, tours and workshops.



Euraba Artists and Papermakers is an internationally recognised, dynamic, supportive collective for and of community artists using paper as a medium for artistic expression. The Centre is a hub for the local community, promoting local culture and artistic excellence and providing employment, training and support for local community members. Euraba is a source of pride for the community and promotes direct involvement through an active member base of artists, papermakers and supporters.



Euraba is a wholistic Aboriginal cultural enterprise. Our partners include education and health providers, trusts and foundations, government agencies as well as galleries and individual collectors.



The papermill engages staff including an artistic director, members and volunteers who develop artistic products, mentor emerging artists, develop an annual exhibition program and collaborate on projects with visiting professional artists. Staffing is dependent on projects and where skills are needed – whether paper production, product development, administration or technical support of members.